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Based in Medway, Kent with over 44 years of experience.

Domestic and commercial decorators working across Medway, Kent.

Domestic decorating.

Making your home look beautiful depends on your choice of colours and finishes, but it is surprising how much difference the details make. Really well done decorating gives an immediate impression of quality.

The difference between good decorating and poor decorating really depends on the preparation – putting in the work before the paint goes on. ASM Decorating knows that, and it’s something we are meticulous about.

We’re always happy to give advice about colour combinations and how to create the effect you want. We can probably offer you some ideas you might not have considered.

But whatever your choice, our job is to make it look right and to complete the job so it will keep looking good long after we’ve left.

Commercial decorating.

ASM Decorating has been providing professional commercial painting and decorating service for over 44 years.

With a wealth of experience, a highly skilled team and a large portfolio of satisfied commercial clients, we are confident to say we are the leaders in commercial painting and decorating in Medway and Kent.

Whether it is the initial painting of a new office or shop, ASM Decorating has the experience and expertise to offer commercial customers exactly what they require.

Professional painting and hanging of wall-coverings carried out in an efficient and convenient way with minimum disruption to business are the important points in decorating of offices and shops.

Exterior decorating.

Looking after the outside of your property protects your biggest investment – it also makes the house your home. Proper care of woodwork and, where needed, masonry is a small job if it is done in time, but sometimes maintenance has to give way to repair.

Our experienced workmen will take care to fully prepare your walls and external surfaces before painting to make sure that your property is well protected.

Whether you are considering exterior decorating for aesthetic reasons or practical reasons, we recommend a careful choice of decorator and of materials. 

We have considerable expertise in repairing and treating wooden door and window frames and after we have finished our work they are, literally, as good as new – if not better.

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Get a quote.

At ASM Decorating we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. We work on large and small projects, domestic and commercial properties, and are happy to decorate both the interior or exterior of your property. 

If you need some advice or would like to get a quote, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.